Saturday, September 24, 2011

FAIR FUN!! 2011

I posted these pictures in order backwards, sorry, I'm not redoing it. lol (disclaimer)
Kora woke up this morning claiming "I remember," when discussing the fair from last year. She was sick last year and we took her to see the animals for a minute but nothing else. This year we were hoping for some fun rides and fun food. We did that and more, below is the process she went through to get that adorable face painting of a cat. I asked her several times, "Are you sure you don't want flowers or hearts or a princess crown?" In true Kora fashion she said, "NO Mom, I want to be a cat!!" lol She turned out to be the cutest cat I ever saw! Not to mention, she is a squirmy girl and sat perfectly still, like she was really getting all fixed up with make-up.

After face painting, we rode the fire truck that went up and down in circles. She really loved seeing the whole fair from there. Then she rode her first roller coaster, I guess they were all firsts, but this was a BIG deal to me. She was a little worried about the speed of this machine, but with her dad to hold her, she seemed to be ok with it. After that she wanted to ride the little boats and the spin cars. She wasn't sure about the cars, because she had to ride alone, but i think she liked it once got going. However, the boat ride was a HUGE hit, as you can see from the picture, she casually is sitting like a pro driver. Our last and final stop was the petting zoo, which we could have stayed at all day. She is quite fond of animals, any animal!! She really wanted the zebra to like her more, but was pleased when the goats let her pet them. Overall the fair was fabulous and LOADS of FUN, can't wait for next year!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


It was the first year we actually did anything for easter. Last year Kora was still too little, so we went all out!! We decorated eggs, made treats, and hunted for LOTS of eggs. We got to go to my aunts house and hunt with all her cousins. Kora's cousin Maddy had the same easter dress on, I can't believe I missed the photo of it, but the were soo cute.

Birthday Parties!!

We had so much fun this past weekend at Kora's birthday. We heading to Borger Saturday for a party with her "twin cousin" Addy. Then Sunday, we had a party at the house with our friends and my side of the family. Kora was singing Happy Birthday to herself most of the week. She made me laugh, cry, and cherish every second. It truly has passed by so fast. THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OUR AMAZING FRIENDS AND FAMILY, KORA IS BLESSED TO HAVE YOU ALL IN HER LIFE!!